Game hosting perfected,that's Hyplex

Curated high quality hardware and software, the best experience you can't find anywhere else.

Everything you need to run your game server

We provide cutting edge performance and tools that will help you succeed as a server owner.


Free index, forums, and store

No other host in the world comes with a completely free website that handles everything your community needs to be successful like Hyplex.

Safe and secure
Sleep well knowing you don't have to deal with managing your website or defending attacks from malicious users.
Stripe & Paypal friendly
Noclip comes with a custom-built, powerful store that works with both Stripe and Paypal. No added fees come from Noclip!


Keep your server shielded from DDoS attacks, while also getting an advantage with lower ping.

Top of the top
With Path's world-leading anycast you'll have every advantage possible to respond first on a players list.
#1 DDoS Protection
Path offers DDoS protection like no other, with their anycast network know you won't be taken down by some petty DDoS ever.

Owned Hardware

Hyplex owns 100% of it's hardware. This lets us offer you the best performance and reliability possible.

With years of experiance with enterprise hardware, we know how to get the most out of our hardware to give you the best performance possible.
Owning all of our hardware allows us to keep our prices low, and our quality high. Giving you the best bang for your buck.

Game Panel

Our panel gives you the best of both worlds, powerful management of your server while also being simple and easy to use.

All the tools you need
Hyplex's panel is industry leading, giving you tools that make server management almost too easy.
Sleek and fast
Wherever you are in the world our panel is fast and reliable, with minimal to no downtime know you can always access your server.

Simple pricing, for everyone

We sell based on the raw hardware dedicated to you, not on slots.

With another provider? Chat with us on Discord, discounts available.

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    Great for starting out a community.

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    Xeon E5-2666v3

    DDR4 Memory

    SSD Storage

    MySQL Database

    US Chicago DDoS Protection & Anycast

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    For the large communites that need all the power they can get.

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    Multiple Servers (Perfect For Networks)

    Ryzen 9 5900X (Uncapped)

    DDR4 Memory (Uncapped)

    NVMe Storage (Uncapped)

    MySQL Database

    US Chicago DDoS Protection & Anycast

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    Perfect with servers reaching higher player counts.

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    Ryzen 7

    DDR4 Memory

    NVMe Storage

    MySQL Database

    US Chicago DDoS Protection & Anycast

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    Discord Bot

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